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Is your organization

  • committed to racial reconciliation and systemic change?
  • committed to globally growing awareness and action to end racism now?

The Truth & Reconciliation Conversations initiative is guided by 5 commitments.

  • Compassionate Empathy
    I am committed to being emotionally, mentally, and physically present to hear and help others.
  • Courageous Listening
    I am committed to being open-minded and intentional about  putting others’ needs to be heard first.
  • Painful Conversations
    I am committed to being candid about my experiences with racism and curious about the experiences of others.
  • Social Reckoning
    I am committed to understanding systemic racism and I will work to build equity and equality to redress this historic injustice.
  • Spiritual Reconciliation
    I am committed to understanding others, their life circumstances, and discovering ways to heal and build better communities together.

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Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities for the Summit:

Carina Pierre-Rochard (International)

Anthony Parkes (International)

Scott Kunz (U.S.)

“In the end, reconciliation is a spiritual process, which requires more than just a legal framework.
It has to happen in the hearts and minds of people.”

Nelson Mandela