Racism is one of the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Through truthful conversations, we can begin to navigate this challenge, paving the way to better understand one another. The 2021 Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) Global Summit will provide a blueprint for how these conversations can take place, using five key commitments to guide us: Compassionate Empathy, Courageous Listening, Painful Conversations, Social Reckoning, Spiritual Reconciliation. 

The Summit will premiere a thought-provoking documentary that illuminates the process of reconciliation through the stories of men and women who have confronted racial challenges throughout their lives. Attendees will have access to engaging workshops and provocative on-stage panels with global leaders to deepen their understanding of how to communicate about race and what steps to take in order to move forward.

In a time when silence is no longer an option, it is more important than ever to start the conversation.

Khalil Osiris, founder, TRC interviews Keyon Harrold, jazz musician, for the 2021 Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) documentary.

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